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Weeding Do's and Don'ts

Weeding dos and donts columbus oh

Weeding is an important part of your lawn care project. While weeds are often unsightly, they're more dangerous in the fact that they start to crowd out the plants you want. Weed control is a great way to ensure your lawn stays looking great and healthy throughout the year.

Do: Minimize Soil Disturbance

Weed seeds are in every bit of soil in your garden or lawn. However, germination only happens to seeds within an inch or two of the surface soil. Digging only where you have to helps to leave weed seeds undisturbed and ensures that there aren't as many seeds germinating in your lawn.

Don't: Weed in Dry Weather

The best way to ensure your weeds are killed during dry weather is to cut the weed at the soil line. The roots of the weeds will then shrivel and die. Severing weeds from their roots is especially easy if you have a sharp object, like a hoe or a knight.

Do: Mulch Your Garden

Mulch helps to keep the soil in your garden moist and cool to help promote the growth of plants. It can also help block light and nutrients from getting to weed seeds in the first few inches of soil. Our organic mulch can also host crickets and carabid beetles that eat away at weeds.

Don't: Water Weeds

Placing sprinkler systems underneath a layer of mulch helps to moisten the soil near your plants while starving weeds. Trying to block water from getting to weeds can reduce germination by up to 70%. Focus instead on watering the plants you want to stay.

Do: Mind Gaps Between Plants

Placing your plants close together helps to block sunlight and moisture from getting to the weed seeds in the soil beneath your plants. The best way to do this is to mass plant or plant in closely grouped areas instead of in largely spaced areas.

Don't: Use Chemical Weed Killers

Chemical weed killers can be dangerous to your lawn and the environment. Using organic planting practices can lower your weed germination by over 70%. The best part of organic weed control is that there's no danger to your lawn or the overall environment.

Do: Work With a Professional

Working with a professional lawn care company for your weed control needs ensures you're getting the best organic options for your unique properties. The experts at NutriLawn offer premier weed control for your properties in Columbus. To learn more about organic weed control with the experts at NutriLawn, call 614-502-5757 today to set up an appointment with our professionals.

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